Unformat Micro SD Memory Card

Recently, I plunged my Micro SanDisk card to PC for creating backup of few newly added data. But as soon as, I clicked on it, a message shows up which states; if I want to “format” memory card? And without understanding anything, I clicked on Ok button. Later on, I realize that what I had […]

Recover Files from Damaged Memory Stick

Can’t access files from memory stick due to corruption? Has files on memory stick becomes inaccessible? Moreover, are you wondering how to restore files from damaged memory stick? Reason for your damaged memory stick might present in this list. Let’s check out: Usage of same memory stick on numerous gadgets Abruptly ejecting memory stick Memory […]

Retrieve Files from Bad SD Card

“Hi, I have saved number of imported files in my SD card. Yesterday to transfer some files I had connected it to my colleague’s laptop, since then I am not able to access my card. Does my card turned bad or corrupted? If yes then please tell me how to repair it.” This kind of […]