Way to Extract Data From BitLocker Encrypted Drive

BitLocker Encryption is used to protect confidential and important data from hackers and accidental deletion. It is an advanced security feature introduced by Microsoft. The application allows you to store data on system partitions. However, BitLocker Drive Encryption is not safe even this method is subjected to minor data loss. There are some reasons that […]

I Lost My Outlook Data File, What to do?

Generally, disappearance of Outlook file occurs due to human mistakes or logical conflicts on system. If any of below listed instances takes place in absence of Outlook data backup then user has to face critical data crisis: Executing Shift and Delete keys combination on Outlook data file Re-installing Operating System Converting file system of logical […]

Restoring Files and Folders from Recycle Bin

Recently I deleted few important files and folders from Recycle Bin on Windows system. Later I realized that those files are important. I thought to retrieve those files from Recycle Bin, but no use because Recycle Bin was emptied. Now those files and folders are essential to me. So can anyone suggest me reliable solution […]

Restore A Lost Word Document 2010

“Hello, while accessing Microsoft Word Document, erroneously I erased the folder which had Word files which were tremendously expected to give presentation tomorrow. I am using Word 2010 product; I could appreciate if anybody suggest me an idea to recapture those deleted Word files.” Word documents are well known and are known to almost every […]