VLC Crashes When Playing Mp4

“I am Mac user, few days back I upgraded to VLC 2.1.0. After up-gradation when I played MP4 file on VLC, it crashed all of a sudden. Later on, I searched on internet for its reason and got to know about other similar cases like MP4 file not loading properly or file taking time to […]

Repair Unplayable MP4 File

The official file name extension for MPEG4 is .mp4. MP4 is a container format, which is a combination of audio, video and even images to be held in single file. The speed of various types of internet connections helps to make MP4 more accessible. MPEG4 video format uses separate compression for both audio and video; […]

Fixing MOV File Blank Screen

“When I try to play MOV file on my system, I don’t know why it is showing blank screen. I am only able to hear the audio, but the video has become unavailable. I looked in internet to find out the root cause for this problem, but was unable to do so. I am looking […]