Fixing SD Card Not Formatted Error And Recovering Lost Data from It

“I had taken quite the number of photos on the SD card in my camera. When the card memory was full, I wanted to transfer the photos from the SD card to my system. So I connected the SD card to my PC, and when I connected the device, I got an error stating that SD card is not formatted, please format it. Instantly I removed my SD card and reconnected it to the system, but the issue remained the same. Is there a solution as to how can we fix formatted error on SD card and recover data from it? Please reply!”

Use of SD card has increased gradually as this small storage medium can be used in more number of gadgets to store and access information quite easily. This device can be plugged in to any gadget or in any system without installation of any drivers. At times, while using SD card on the system, user may face SD card not formatted error.  How to fix SD card not formatted error and recover lost data from it? This can be easily done with the use of Photo Recovery tool

Issues that lead to SD card not formatted error are:

  • Abrupt removal of SD card from the gadget while files are still being processed
  • Improper formatting process may also lead to format error on SD card
  • Using SD card on more number of systems without desired antivirus protection can lead to generation of card not formatted error
  • Sometimes adding more data on SD card when it is full on space can result in card not formatted error

Recovering lost data from SD card:

Photo Recovery is the best tool, recommended by majority of computer experts when there is a need to recover lost data from SD card that is showing not formatted error. With the help of best scanning algorithms that are present in this utility, user can effectively get back files from SD card in a short duration of time. Rescued list of information can be sorted on the basis of file name, size, and location of file. Apart from recovering data from SD card, user can also get back files from other types of SD cards, internal hard drive, external hard drives, USB drives, FireWire drives and many other storage media that is used to store digital information.

Steps to recover lost data from SD card:

Click on this link to download Photo Recovery tool in the system. Upon completion of installation process, user can run the program and follow the simple steps provided on main screen of utility. Hit on Lost Photo Recovery and then carry on to next window to select SD card indicating not formatted error. As soon as the SD card has been selected, move on to next window to select file types that needs to be rescued. After the file types of lost data are selected, click on next button to start recovery process. Upon completion of scanning, user can view rescued list of files on Data View or File Type View. Select desired type of view and then save the files to known destination location as applicable.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Avoid using your SD card on systems without proper antivirus protection
  • Keep backup of important data present on SD card on more than one destination location
  • Always scan your Secure Digital card before using it on any system to prevent virus attack