Google Maps for WordPress Plugins

Nowadays, all are depending on the Google map to identify the location. Many WordPress users are using a dedicated map plugin. This Google Maps API comes equipped with embedding code as well as it offers more features, customizations, and settings.

Now let us discuss the important features of WordPress Google Maps plugins:

WP Google Maps Plugins:


WP Google Maps allows you to add an unlimited number of markers to maps and you can highlight locations of interest. It is free plugin tool where you can store locator. By using this plugins you can mark all your stores, then visitors can use a helpful search function to find the nearest one.

Depending on your needs you can also add a number of different layers to your website, it may include bicycle, traffic, transit, and weather layers.

Google Maps Bank Plugins:


This Google map comes with useful features. This plugin supports over 800 custom marker icons, a variety of Google Map types i.e.  Road, terrain, satellite, etc. and directions to your location. In Bank Plugins tool you can build two maps, can add five markers and can use only one polygon/polyline. You can use shortcodes to add maps anywhere on your website. It will plus the plugin ships with a dedicated map widget.

Google Map Builder:


In Google Map Builder Plugins, you can build and edit your map using an intuitive builder feature. You can add unlimited markers to your maps, adopting a ‘point and click’ system. In this plugins you can set up default map options such as zoom level, street view, and map style. You can integrate the plugin with Map Icons which gives a wide range of marker options.

Comprehensive Google Maps for Plugins:


In Comprehensive Google Maps Plugins, has flexible customization options as well as it is easy to use. It comes with useful features called “Mashups” which has 50 marker styles, and GPS. It allows visitor to find and plot the route from their current location to their desired destination with ease location.

Snazzy Maps plugins:


Snazzy Maps are created with plenty of beautiful, distinct styles i.e. similar to filters in photography. Snazzy Maps integrates with the majority of popular Google Maps where you identify the location. It also allows you to upload your own custom maps while retaining Google Maps functionality.