How to Backup Outlook Contacts?


“There are few contacts on my Outlook, which I can’t lose in any condition. So, please help me to create backup of Outlook contacts. Since last week,  my Outlook is behaving abnormally and if i continue to ignore all these symptoms then, i am afraid that like other users i might lose accessibility from Outlook data including my important contacts. so, I am looking forward for Outlook contacts backup method. If you have any suggestions, please recommend me.”

If reason for your asking about how to backup Outlook contacts? is similar to above-one, you are at correct place. You can clear out any backup related doubts by reading this article. Here, a proper Outlook Backup solution has explained, so go through this page to know more about it.

Genarally, a user who want to backup all Outlook data, want to be ensure whether that third-party tool has capabilities to complete this task or not?

Stunning features of online Outlook contacts backup tool:

  • It provides simple GUI to process backing up Outlook contacts
  • The Backup of Outlook contacts can be minimized to simple mouse clicks using this tool
  • Two different Backup methodology has been provided; one, ‘Advanced backup’ for complete backup (Outlook profile, account setting, attributes and other data files) second ‘Smart backup’ for Outlook attributes like mails, contacts, journal, etc.
  • For regular backup of Outlook Contacts at desired time intervals, this tool has Automatic Scheduler function. By enabling this feature, process will automated without user intrusion.
  • Outlook Contacts from Outlook 2000,2001, 2003, 2007, 2008, 2013 and Office 365 versions can use this utility for Backup
  • The software works well on desktops/laptops running with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 OS versions.

So, to get benefited with all above listed advanced features, download Backup Outlook PST program.  This application has all amazing features for which a genuine user looking for.

Let’s discuss different instances, where you can utilize this backup tool:

  • Incorrectly trying to reconfigure Outlook
  • Upgrading Outlook to higher version
  • Migrating Outlook profile to another system
  • Outlook PST file gets inaccessible because of various causes like Application malfunctioning, bad sector, virus infection and many others

How can I utilize method to backup Outlook contacts?

First of all, download Backup Outlook PST program on your Windows system -> start installation and once it gets done, launch the program -> On main screen, you will get three options i.e. ‘Backup’, ‘Restore’ and ‘Migrate’. To take backup of Outlook contacts click on Backup option -> In next window, two another options will be shown which are ‘Advance Backup’ and ‘Smart Backup’. As your requirement is to create Outlook contacts backup, so choose Smart Backup option and proceed further -> Finally, to store backup file of Outlook contacts safely, mention a target location and finish the process