How to Clone a Hard Drive?

Hard drive is very important part of computer which consists of operating system and also known as data storage device. If you want to copy all your files or you want to safeguard your files from corrupted hard drive, then it’s better to have a functional copy of drive. Sometimes back up requires regular attention but, cloning a hard drive is comparatively unsophisticated affair.

There are two copy options that are Clone and Disk Image. Clone is direct copy, where the data saved in cloned drive is same as on the original drive. From computer to external device and from OS to hidden directory files, all are copied similarly. Exchange the older drive out for newly made cloned drive in another system; it should work just like your old system hard drive. Hence, it is direct bit-for-bit clone which is only thing on back up hard drive. The second one is to create a disk image, which is snap shot of hard disk data. It copies entire copy of disk data and makes a single compressed file that is, coping complete drive to huge zip file. You can take back up more than one image and save them locally or on a separate drive. Yet, picture will not function immediately.

Cloning a drive requires some placed to store your data. To back up your data, you need to have drive of huge capacity and nothing else. There are actual options: an external drive or bare hard drive. External hard drive is self-contained drives, generally connected via USB connection. It may be a pocket sized portables, usually works as suitable back up medium. Next is the bare drive, which is already present in desktop and laptop. It is actually a drive, but not still installed in a machine.

With the help of back up application, it is ready to clone your drive. Once you have got your back up drive, it’s time to start cloning. Connect the destination location drive then open back up application and follow the directions to copy the data of hard disk to back up. Once the drive completely cloned then you are done with it. Now you have exact copy of original data. Finally, you have to keep the cloned drive safe.