How to Restore Photos on Windows 7 Computer

“So, I had a folder on my Windows 7 computer that had over 100 photos from my last trip to New York. I accidentally deleted the said folder this morning while trying to move it to my desktop. Is it possible to retrieve all the photos from this folder, because I can’t find it in the recycle bin either? Please do help me out….”

Photos are extensively used by a large number of users on mobiles, computers, tablets and so on. They can be of varying sizes and storage size depending on the device used to capture the photo. A large DSLR camera might save a photo with a 5MB or more size whereas a mobilephone might require up to 4MB or so.

The photos you click on your camera, mobilephone and so on are finally saved to a hard drive on your computer permanently. The photos that you save on your computer, may it be on Windows or Mac OS, are never safe.

Windows users might face unexpected data loss causing one to lose all his/her data. This might strike your hard drive at any moment so you need to be ready for such scenarios with a backup saved to a safe location. By having a regular backup, you never have to worry when you lose or even delete photos from your Windows 7 computer, which happens to be the most widely used Windows operating system all across the globe.

However, if you do happen to lose photos from your Windows 7 computer and want to recover them back again, then watch the below linked video:

The above video shows you how you can recover photos from Windows 7 computer using a photo recovery software. As you can see, it is very easy to restore back all your photos on Windows computer by making use of a Windows 7 photo recovery software which can be installed on all Windows run computers and be used to recover and restore photos.

Whether you have deleted or lost photos from your Windows computer, it just doesn’t matter. All you’ll require is a photo recovery software to be installed on the computer from which you’re looking to recover photos.

With a good and recommended photo recovery tool, you will be able to recover back JPEG, JPG, as well as RAW photos clicked on your DSLR camera. The most liked feature of a good photo recovery tool like the one employed in the above video is the fact that it recovers deleted/lost photos in its original form and format. Also, it doesn’t change anything on your photo while it is being recovered from your drive, which is a major requirement while performing photo recovery on Windows computer.

Also, it lets you save the recovered photos to a safe folder on your computer and it prevents you from saving the recovered photos to the same folder from where it was recovered from. This is highly important, because all the photos that were deleted or lost will still remain on your computer’s memory and can be recovered using a photo recovery tool. If any new data is written to the drive after the photo loss, then the chances of new data overwriting the previous data is more. If this happens, then you lose the deleted/lost photos from the hard drives memory and they cannot be recovered back again. So, it is very important for one to see to that no new data is written to the hard drive after losing or deleting photos from it so that you can ensure that your photos are safe in the memory at the time of photo recovery.