Know How Apple Watch Helps You To Share Your Location Using Messages?

To give description about where you are to a friend or family member here is a wonderful solution. You can easily share your location to a person who is in conversion with you using Apple Watch. You can share your present location via messages, just by opening a text message notification which you receive on your watch. Otherwise, you can press the digital crown to access the Home screen and pressing on the “Messages” app icon. If you want to open Messages from the Home screen, then click on conversation of person to whom you want to send your location.

Later, take action on current conversion by using the force touch on the screen. To use the force touch, click and hold your fingers on the screen of Watch, till you see a window with 3 options. In that choose “Send Location” option. Then you will be able to receive a reply stating, “Locating…” and “Sending…” which will be displayed on the top of the screen. As soon as you send the location, you will be able to see it in the conversations.

Then, the recipient will see a message that particular phone number has sent them their location and they can see it on their iPhone. On the receiver’s iPhone, a small map will be displayed in the conversation.  The recipient can easily click on “Current Location” option to view the location of sender in the Apple Maps application and get clear directions of sender location.

Make a note that, it does not share your contact an active presentation of where exactly you are, but only your current address at that point in time. While sending if you travel or move somewhere then your location will not be updated or shared with your friends, in that situation you need to send your location once again by following entire procedure.