Problem Playing MOV Files on Windows 10

Are you finding any trouble in playing MOV video files in your Windows 10 PC? You must be probably in search of a right solution to come out of this problem. Take it easy, you are on right track as you have landed up here; you are gonna find a smartest way to fix the issue.

Generally speaking, in Windows environment if you wish to open any videos, it will be played on Windows Media Player application by default. Sometimes when you attempt to open media files in MOV format, the player refuses to play it right. It could be majorly any of the below three causes-

  1. Issue with Codec: A media player requires right codecs to play different format media files, when required codec for MOV files is not found your media player. At this point your .mov files will be unable to open and player prompts you a message saying that required codec is not found to play your file.

You can find and install a right kind of codec to run your MOV file by web help.

  1. Unsupported video type: MOV is a video container file developed by Apple but it can be played on Windows and Linux OS as well. In certain situations, .mov videos will be supported on specific type of player applications. So players display error that video file is not supported.

You can try to open MOV format files in other media player applications and see if it works fine.

  1. Corrupt file: Your player would fail to open MOV files when they are corrupt. Part of your mov file might be damaged and player cannot play this type of file.

Some other factors involve file compatibility issues with OS and media player software, improper MOV compression techniques, interruptions while playing MOV files etc. During such situations when problem playing .mov files on Windows 10 there is an immediate need to repair MOV files, for this MOV repair tool proves to be an ultimate solution.

What’s in MOV repair tool?

It’s a splendid tool that instantly fixes and repairs any corrupted MOV media files in Windows 10 operating system. It takes you through a smooth repair process making unplayable MOV file to open without any error issues. The software implemented with advanced algorithms that will neatly extract media data from damaged MOV and then recreates a healthy MOV file.

Repair utility runs alongside all other Windows versions including Windows 10 (Windows 8.1/ 8/ 7/ Vista/ XP and Windows Server 2008/ 2003). Even a Mac version of tool is available to repair unplayable MOV files over Apple Macintosh. Any users are sure to find it easy to operate the tool effortlessly. In addition it has got a friendly user interface. You would be pleased to know that it is possible to test the tool for its efficiency before you purchase, with trail version. MOV files fixed by the program will be available for preview before you get completely repaired file.

Repair procedure

  1. Navigate through the provided link→ Download and get the repair tool installed in your Windows 10 system
  2. After completing installation start running the application as directed
  3. Click on Open and browse the path of MOV file that needs to be fixed
  4. Hit on Repair button on the same screen to initiate repair process
  5. Upon end of repairing MOV file a window appears stating repair statistics with necessary file information.
  6. Press on Preview Repaired File to preview fixed MOV file and confirm repaired
  7. Lastly, Save Repaired file to store repaired MOV media