Protect your Facebook information in safest way

Nowadays Facebook is playing very important role in the World. It is mainly used in the field of business, entertainment, friends, to play games, watch movies and so on. Because of its widespread connectivity bad guys are taking advantage of Facebook as a way for nefarious.

Protect your personal information safely on Facebook:

Many crooks will find the password and will hack the other Facebook account. Sometimes crook will create fake Facebook accounts with different names and will use the Facebook to steal personal information, photo albums , even the timeline, as well as other information. In this way fraud s will hack the personal information.

Here we some mentioned safety tips to protect Facebook:

  • Don’t fill out the personal information on Facebook
  • Don’t accept the friend request of unknown people
  • Replace passwords regularly if possible
  • Don’t save passwords Facebook on a public computer
  • Link your Facebook account with your phone number and personal email

Based on below characteristics, would give users a few tips to help prevent this condition maximum:

  • Photo (photo album)
  • Avatar (avatar)
  • Personal information

Simple steps to protect the safety of Facebook:

Step 1: Create safe modes can be done on Facebook

Step 2: Only show personal information for relatives

Step 3: Take care of anything’s while uploading to Facebook

Step 5: Prevent others seek you via email and phone number

Step 6: Gender Entire photo albums and avatar Facebook

Step 7: Change the view options for the full article

Step 8: Remove the application, software suspicious

Step 9: Change the view options for the full article

Step 10: Report Abuse spam

Step 11: Create log at application

This steps will protect the personal information which is stolen on form Facebook. Be always careful while using Facebook.