Recover iPod files

Listening to music anytime and anywhere has become an ordinary procedure followed by maximum people. The easiest modes of accessing a world of music and videos are iPods, Apple iPods due to its compact in size stores thousands of audio and video files because of which are preferred choice of users when it comes to listening to music. Furthermore, the high quality of music is offered by Apple iPods, its ability to store music in different formats and the stylish models make this device a must have for the new generation of music lovers.

Loss of personal music collection can be a big disappointment for any iPod user. There are many factors that lead to deletion of files from iPod.

Common data loss scenarios of iPod

  • If iPod becomes frozen then user cannot access iPod files
  • If iPod volume is formatted unknowingly this results in loss of iPod files
  • If you eject iPod improperly then data is lost
  • By mistake user can delete iPods files such as images, audio songs and videos
  • In between of synchronization process it can display Sync error anytime due to software malfunctions, media files gets corrupted etc and erased files

If you do not want to face these situations then create back up of media files using iTunes or on any other external storage device. But unfortunately if user has not created back up then answer to all problems is iPod recovery tool. With the use of iPods, the need for iPod recovery software has also been raised. One such appropriate recovery application – Yodot Photo Recovery tool is used by many people to retrieve files from iPod.

Prominent features of Yodot Photo Recovery

It retrieves any lost, deleted from iPod on a Windows system. The software is 100%risk free and recovers iPod files, without even the slightest modification in their original format. It runs on all versions of Windows OS and it even regains files from iPod Classic, iPod Mini, iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano. It completes recovery process within few clicks.

Easy method to retrieve files from iPod

By using this link you can download Yodot Photo Recovery tool then install and launch the application on Windows computer. Connect iPod to system via USB cable. On main screen will get two options as “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”. Select one option depending on files loss situation. Now it will show all present drives. Mark drive that shows iPod and press next button and after this tool starts scanning process on iPod disk to restore erased/missing data from iPod. When process gets completed it displays all data available on that drive. Then you can view files in two types such as “File Type View” or “Data Type View”. If you wish to see only deleted files then use “Show deleted” option. At the end of process saves them to new desired location.