Retrieve Data from Defective Hard drive

Is your hard drive failed due to various unknown reasons? Have you lost your entire data from hard drive? Do you want to get back data from defective hard drive? Don’t have knowledge about process of data recovery from defective hard drive? Then just go through this page carefully. It will explain you how to retrieve data from defective hard drive.

Hard drive is a very important component of computer as it holds user data, different application files and operating system. Sometimes even hard drive is prone to get failed where data present in it will get erase. If there is no proper backup of saved files on HDD memory then entire data will be lost.

If the hard drive become defective without any prior warnings will trouble the user who has stored huge amount of data in it. if you have previous backup of complete data stored in HDD, then you are in safer side; otherwise you should have to use data retrieval software.

If hard drive is failed due to severe virus attacks, MBR corruption, presence of too many bad media spots and other related factors, then don’t bother. You can get back erased data by using resourceful data recovery application. If you have a question in your mind like which recovery software is better to retrieve data from defective hard drive? Then Hard drive recovery is the right choice for you.

Software to retrieve data from defective hard drive:

Hard Drive Recovery software offers a most favorable solution to restore data from failed hard drive on Windows computer. In addition to defective hard drive, it allows to recover data from unreadable, inaccessible, unbootable, corrupted hard drive.  Also, this application is helpful in restore data from formatted, reformatted or corrupted partition on your computer HDD. This application can rescue files and folders from failed hard drive by scanning it sector by sector thoroughly. Along with failed hard drive, you can also restore data from corrupted, inaccessible or crashed hard drive. More to this, it is possible to recover data from SSD drives, FireWire drives, external hard drives, pen drives, memory cards, audio players, iPods and other devices on Windows (8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003 and Server 2008) OS based computers by using this outstanding tool.

Procedure to retrieve data from defective hard drive:

Click here to download and install Hard Drive Recovery tool on Windows computer. After completion of installation, run the application in order to retrieve data from defective hard drive. From the main screen, you will get two options such as ‘Partition Recovery’ and ‘Formatted/Reformatted Recovery’. Select ‘Partition Recovery’ option and proceed further. Select drive that represents failed hard drive and initiate the scanning process. The restored data will be displayed in ‘Data View’ or ‘File Type View’. View the files and save it in desired location but not on same defective hard drive.