Songs Lost While Copying From Xbox 360 to Flash Drive

Hello, I have an Xbox 360 gaming console, which I used for gaming, watching TV, and even to listen music. This morning I thought to copy my entire music collection from Xbox 360 to a flash drive, but due to some interruptions files didn’t copied to the flash drive. So when I opened Xbox 360 to copy those files again, I was totally shocked!! Because I couldn’t see a single music file on it. I don’t know the reason behind this audio file loss. So does anybody know, how to recover my missing audio files from Xbox 360? If yes then please reply!!

There can be many reasons behind such audio loss issues, such as:

  • Interruptions during file transfer process (like power surge, detaching flash drive abruptly, logical errors…)
  • Restoring Xbox to factory settings
  • Mishandling Xbox 360
  • Virus or malware attack
  • System error and many more.

These are few causes behind Xbox 360 music file loss. Well, it is possible to recover your audio collection which is lost during transfer process, using a reliable media recovery tool. But before that, it is suggested to try connecting the Xbox 360 and flash drive to various systems and check for the files. If you could see the files then well and good, if not then continue reading this page to know suitable solution to handle this data loss problem.

In almost all data loss situations, the lost or delete content remains on the same storage location but one cannot see it, as OS marks it as a free space. However, the most important step to be taken in such data loss situations is to stop using the affected storage drive as soon as possible. It helps in avoiding data overwriting. So the lost data from any drive can be recovered only using recovery software. If you are looking for the suitable software to handle this problem then make use of a Yodot Photo Recovery software. This can easily locate songs that are lost while copying from Xbox 360 to flash drive.

This software is designed in such a way that, it can completely scan the drive to locate missing and deleted data in a short span of time. The software is 100% safe, as it has read-only terminology, so it will not modify any file during recovery process. Now it’s time to know how Yodot Photo Recovery Software works:

  • Download this tool on a healthy computer and get it installed by clicking here
  • Connect the affected Xbox 360 to that system
  • Follow the onscreen instructions and launch the software
  • Among “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”, select the second option
  • Then, utility will scan and display available drives on the system,
  • From the drive list, select Xbox 360 and proceed
  • It scans the Xbox 360 bit by bit and displays lost files from it
  • From the file list, pick the audio files that you wanted to regain and click on “Next”
  • Finally, browse the destination drive to save retrieved songs

Follow these techniques to avoid data loss instances in future:

  • Do not insert Xbox 360 on multiple devices frequently, as it may result in data loss
  • Always maintain backup of important files to avoid data loss disasters
  • Before deleting any file, cross check
  • Often scan your Xbox 360 device to avoid virus attack