Way to Extract Data From BitLocker Encrypted Drive

BitLocker Encryption is used to protect confidential and important data from hackers and accidental deletion. It is an advanced security feature introduced by Microsoft. The application allows you to store data on system partitions. However, BitLocker Drive Encryption is not safe even this method is subjected to minor data loss. There are some reasons that may lock out your hard drive.

Let us see few factors for data loss resulted from encrypted BitLocker

  • Deleting or formatting data unintentionally
  • If password or pin is forgotten
  • An error related to TPM validation occurred on drive
  • Due to severe virus infection

Here are few scenarios, where users constantly face problems with encrypted BitLocker

  • Recently I formatted my Bit locked Hard Drive which had 2TB of important data. I contacted many data recover services for restoring data but it did not work out. Can anyone help me?
  • I was encrypting my external hard disk using “bit locker drive encryption” method. It started normally, but suddenly after 68.9% of process completion, it stuck and says “not responding” with an error. I don’t want to open it I’m afraid to lose all my data. Please help me to resume encryption.
  • I have encrypted my C hard disk, then enabled TPM on bitlocker. I provided the recovery key but it didn’t work. Can anyone suggest a solution for the problem occurred?

Upon facing the problems try these below methods

Solution 1: Your computer’s built-in TPM every time automatically unlocks the drives that are encrypted. If the TPM unlock method fails, then follow below process

  • You can see a “BitLocker Recovery” error screen
  • Prompts you to “Enter the recovery key for this drive”
  • Type your recovery key to continue
  • This will unlock the drive and your computer will boot normally

Solution 2: To test data retrieval on a password-protected data drive

  • Click Start and then choose Computerto display the drives
  • Double click on BitLocker-protected data drive. A dialog box is displayed, prompting to type your password to unlock the drive
  • Click I forgot my password. Unlock the drive using your recovery key
  • Select suitable options among Type the recovery keyor Get the key from USB flash drive
  • After providing the recovery key, the drive is unlocked.
  • Click Manage BitLocker, and reconfigure the unlock method as necessary

Upon trying the above mentioned methods, if still problem remains unsolved then it is suggested to extract data from BitLocker Encrypted drive by utilizing Yodot File Recovery tool. This is safest, fastest and smartest restoration utility which retrieves your deleted, lost, formatted and encrypted data not only from hard drive but also USB drive, iPod, external hard drive etc.

Other unique features:

  • Free from virus and malware
  • Handy file undelete tool
  • Easy file selection process to find and save data
  • Ensures to preview data before saving

Steps to retrieve data from encrypted BitLocker drive

  1. Hit here to download Yodot File Recovery software on your system
  2. Choose the drive from where you want to rescue files
  3. The application starts scanning process to find data
  4. Preview recovered files/data after regaining data
  5. Choose destination path to store the recovered data