What to Do When I Am Unable To Find My Downloaded Photos?

At one or the other point, users get to lose some or other files from their system. It turns to be a major trouble when backup of any lost or deleted files are unavailable. Here is one such instance-

“Hi, I had a vast collection of photos required for a project that I downloaded on my Windows computer. Later on, I transferred all those pictures right into a pen drive. But unfortunately, I lost my pen drive in college. When I came back to check downloaded pictures on my system I was unable to find them anywhere. I’m sure that I had not cut paste those files to USB drive. The files should have been in the downloaded folder but it’s not. Images are not even in the recycle Bin. I have no time to sit and re-download them again. Please suggest me a way to get back my disappeared files?”

Indeed, it is tragic to lose huge photo collections at critical times. Downloaded photos can be easily got back by re-downloading them but it proves to be cumbersome at some instances; especially while dealing with large collections. In fact, there are many other instances where data faces major risk. Files from your system disappear as a result of malicious programs, redundant application installations, mishandled operations and other software conflicts. There even encounters accidental deletions and other situation where files seem to be lost forever. But internally data still resides and can be retrieved with the help of a suitable application- Photo Recovery.

Solution: If you are unable to find downloaded photos then make use of tool to handle this problem. There involves a simple set of steps to restore erased or missing media. It is recommend, to utilize the application as soon as data loss incident occurs because further system usage gradually decreases chances of recovery. Here are some of its features listed:

  • Useful to regain all media content types like images, audio, video, RAW digital images (.gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp, .tif, .tiff, .mp3, .mpeg, .mp4, .wa, .midi, .mov, .divx, .wma, .nef etc.)
  • Recover media data from pen drives, memory sticks, hard drives, SD card, CF’s, MMC and other secondary devices
  • Includes a RAW search that can be enabled to filter search for a particular type of file item
  • Friendly UI design. Technical assistance provided for 24/7
  • Runs on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista/Windows Server versions
  • Assures no modifications to source files

Procedure to get back downloaded photos that is lost

Step 1: Get the Photo Recovery program installed on your Windows PC. Get back to install and execute it.

Step 2: Open the program and click on Lost Photo Recovery option

Step 3: Then specify the drive location of downloaded images that is unable to locate

Step 4: Wait a while for software to scan for recoverable items and then pick the files you want

Step 5: Preview the files using File Type View or Data View and save them in a safe storage location